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CRPV logoCRPV: Crop Research Center - Cesena, has a base of 80 members. It operates in the agri-food supply chain for vegetables, fruits, wine, horticultural and extensive crops, seed and cultivations for energy.

CRPV’s lines of research and testing are developed according to the needs expressed by regional production and the general objectives outlined in the Rural Development Plan for the Region of Emilia-Romagna. It places special emphasis on optimizing the relationship between agriculture and the environment, raising production quality and reducing production costs, in order to improve and enhance crop production, and particularly those crops grown organically using integrated techniques.

The desired results of the various project activities are widely disseminated through various channels: demonstrations, trade fairs, conferences and seminars, publications, and on-line information via the Web site.

CRPV also collaborates in training activities aimed at students, operators and growers.

On behalf of the Region of Emilia Romagna, it prepares and updates the Integrated Production Regulations for the main species grown on farms.

CRPV is a participant in Climate ChangE-R. Its role is to manage the preparatory action A.1 for the definition of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) production systems and methodologies.

CRPV has participated in several projects for the mitigation of climate change, including MAKE IT BE - Decision making and implementation tools for delivering local and regional bio-energy chains (EU program Intelligent Energy Europe): CRPV project coordinator. Years: 2008-2011. RENEWED - European Network of Bioenergetic Districts (EU program Intelligent Energy Europe): CRPV project coordinator. Years from 2006 to 2007. Biodiesel chain (INTERREG III B CASDES), Years 2006-2008.

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