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Crpa logoCrpa S.p.A.: Animal Production Research Centre - Reggio Emilia is a joint stock company with majority public capital. Its corporate mission is “research, development and management of services for agricultural producers, the food industry and the relevant government organizations, to promote technical, economic and social progress in the livestock sector and achieve a generalized diffusion of the more advanced forms of environmentally friendly agriculture.” The members are public institutions, local agricultural associations and a banking foundation. CRPA is divided into areas of research that work closely with one another. These are the environment, animal husbandry, agronomy, economics and technical resources, and information systems, as well as the CRPA Lab laboratory for food and bioenergy, and the dissemination and communication of research results. One information point of the Europe Direct Information Network is part of CRPA. The environment and animal husbandry areas have laboratories to analyze animal feed, waste water, waste, materials from biomass and manure. Since 1997, CRPA has collaborated with ISPRA in drawing up the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector.

CRPA has participated in several projects related to the theme of climate change. These include the LIFE+: Evaluation of the effectiveness of measures to reduce air pollution in the area of agriculture as part of an agreement between Enea and the Ministry of Environment and Land Protection - Directorate- General for Environmental Protection (2009-2011). Tender ENV.B.1/ETU/2009/0052 - The climate change mitigation potential of an EU farm: towards a farm-based integrated assessment coordinated by the University of Hertfordshire (UK). EVKZ-2000322045 - Midair - Greenhouse Gas Mitigation for Organic and Conventional Dairy

CRPA is a participant in Climate ChangE-R. Its role is to manage action B.2 for calculating emissions and the Carbon Footprint.

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