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Coop is the largest retail chain in Italy, with a turnover of 12,7 Bln Euros, and a 19.1% market share. The Coop system is based on 8 million consumer members. Its multiformat structure includes 1.200 stores, of which 101 hypermarkets. (Coop Annual Report 2013).

Coop Italia is the Marketing and Buying central of Consumer Cooperatives: the Consortium is responsible for negotiating with Industry and producers, development and production of Private Label, quality and safety policies and marketing strategy.

The ‘Prodotto Coop' (Coop Private Label) is designed according to Coop’s values and mission, to provide consumers with safe, good value, tasty and ethical products.

Coop was the first company in Italy and in Europe to be awarded SA8000 Social Responsibility certification, which guarantees that an ethical standard for the design and production of brand-name products is observed, and which all providers of Coop brand products have adhered to. Coop brand products are guaranteed all along the supply chain. Coop carefully selects vendors and stipulates precise production agreements with them, preparing checks and controls on all stages of the transformation process, from basic ingredients to the finished product. By conducting studies to calculate the carbon footprint in the life cycle of its products, Coop aims to integrate the policy of sustainability and eco-efficiency that it has already begun. It also intends to continue the work of improving efficiency in production processes and spreading a culture of sustainability among its suppliers, consumers and members, allowing for savings in energy and natural resources.

Coop Italia is the head of national and institutional communications toward consumers, and in the project Climate ChangE-R, it will also play an important role in the communication and dissemination of the project results.

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