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Apo Conerpo logoThe Apo Conerpo Agricultural Co-operative Company was founded in 1967 to bring together and enhance the production of thousands of farms. Today it is the leading organization for fruit and vegetable producers. Its coordination and service extends along the entire supply chain, beginning in the countryside and ending at the points of sale. It has an ongoing commitment to quality with a chain of controls that ensures total product traceability. Today, the Apo Conerpo membership base includes, in addition to the "historical" cooperatives in Emilia-Romagna, other important producers located in the most agriculturally ideal areas of Italy. The cooperatives focus on the stages of harvesting, storage, processing, packaging and shipping of fresh fruit and vegetables. To promote and sell the members’ fruit and vegetables, Apo Conerpo has created two commercial companies, Alegra and Naturitalia. They are a dynamic and modern force on the market, with a range of fresh fruit and vegetables that is unmatched in broadness of choice and quality.

Apo Conerpo’s numbers are indicative of their technical, strategic and representative role in disseminating the results of Climate ChangE-R, with 33,000 hectares of cultivated surface area, 45 associated fruit and vegetable cooperatives, 89 processing and storage plants, 5,500 employees, and 190 agricultural technicians. Apo Conerpo evaluates environmental impact arising from the production processes for produce and processed food products. It recently participated in a national project that addressed climate change, called "Sustainability of food chains through calculating the life cycle (LCA).” The project will follow all of the activities planned for the pear and peach tree crops and for field produce, through the work of its experts and members.

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