The future and the mountain

Pashk and Malbora, husband and wife, live together with his parents in an isolated area in northern Albania. He is a veterinarian and comes from a family of farmers, she hopes to start teaching soon. Their story. Pashk has received funding to build a new barn by the "Alliance for the development and enhancement of family agriculture in northern Albania" program. It is an initiative promoted by two Italian NGOs - Reggio Terzo Mondo (RTM) and Emerging Countries Development Cooperation (COSPE) - with the support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS). The objective of the initiative is the eco-sustainable development of one of the most backward areas of Albania. Reportage: Francesco Martino / Valentina Vivona Shooting: Valentina Vivona Drone: Ivo Danchev Editing: Davide Sighele

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