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Shija e Veriut - a website for a trip to Albania in search of typical products

Inspired by the experience of territorial promotion of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the brand's objective is the promotion of products from the municipalities of Vau Dejës, Pukë and Fushë Arrëz in northern Albania

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For some years now, Albania has become one of the most popular news for summer tourism and the beauties of the Land of Eagles have attracted the attention of many, especially with regard to the fantastic beaches of the south or the dynamism of Tirana.

However, there have also been many efforts to enhance other regions of Albania, with their specific wealth of traditions, attractions and gastronomic specialties. Among these, we can now also include the initiative of the Shija e Veriut [Taste of the North] brand, focused on promoting the territory and the productions of the mountain areas included in the municipalities of Pukë, Fushë Arrëz and Vau Dejës.

Thanks to the new website, available in Albanian (link), Italian (link) and English (link), potential visitors or just curious can better discover an area of ​​northern Albania that is still off the beaten track, but it has all the requisites to carve out its space in the sector thanks to local productions and the charm of mountains, lakes, rivers and villages to be discovered.

In addition to a large section dedicated to the typical products of the Pukë, Fushë Arrëz and Vau Dejës region, includes a collection of information on the main points of interest in the area, including the now famous lakes of Koman, Vau Dejës and Fierzë and lesser known destinations, such as remains of medieval fortresses, mountain streams and other oases of unspoiled natural beauty.

Those who want to break the routine of days at the beach or those who live by adventure can make a note of the contacts of the tourist guides and accommodation facilities in the area and start planning their next holiday in Albania with a little more news and the certainty of being welcomed at open arms from the big heart of the small producers and restaurateurs of Pukë, Fushë Arrëz and Vau Dejës!

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